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Are you looking for the best restaurants in Villnöss? Here you can find our gastronomic tips.

Our Residence Hotel does not have its own restaurant. However, Villnöss is one of the culinary highlights of South Tyrol – you will find tempting culinary offers in the region. Starting from the snack station at the edge of the mountain hike, over the specialty restaurant with delicacies from the Eisack valley, to the pizzeria.

Overview map

Our hotel, bed and breakfast, apartments
Residence Töglhof
Restaurants in Val di Funes, St. Peter
Pitzock "essen & trinken" Restaurant Distance by feet: 10 min.
Restaurants in Val di Funes, St. Peter
Dreimädelhaus Restaurant, Pizzeria & Törggele Distance by feet: 30 min.
Restaurants in Val di Funes, St. Peter
Gsoihof Jausenstation & Törggele Distance by feet: 15 min.
Restaurants in Val di Funes, St. Peter
Hotel Kabis Restaurant Distance by feet: 5 min.
Restaurants in Val di Funes, St. Peter
Viel Nois Restaurant & Pizzeria Distance by feet: 8 min.
Shops in Val di Funes, St. Peter
Gasser Bakery & Confectionery Distance by feet: 8 min.
Shops in Val di Funes, St. Peter
Überbacher Village shop & bakery Distance by feet: 8 min.
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Raiffeisen-Bank Villnöß Bank counter & ATM Distance by feet: 9 min.
Information on Funes.
Tourism Office Tourist info Distance by feet: 6 min.
Information on Funes.
Dr. Braun Doctor Distance by feet: 8 min.
Information on Funes.
Villnöß farmacy Farmacy Distance by feet: 25 min.

Our good gastronomy from Villnöss

Our good gastronomy from Villnöss

There are also a number of recommended restaurants in St. Peter, St. Magdalena, Teis and the Zanser Alm region. Here you can find an overview. Especially on the alpine pastures, you can taste regional delicacies, especially the cuisine around the Eisack valley. The ingredients come mostly from our own production, while recipes have a long family tradition. To name just a few of the classics: Greaschtl – cooked potatoes cooked with onions and beef and spices in the pan. Schlutzer – alternatively stuffed and cooked dumplings with spinach or passed potatoes. Schöpsans – roast of young sheep. Schworzplentina Knedl – Buckwheat flour dumplings. Selchkaree – smoked and cured pork rib. This is, of course, only a small selection. There are guests, whose mouth is watering only by hearing the ancient dialect names of these dishes! But try it by yourself!

Only the best quality meat

The gastronomy of our region is traditionally very hearty, solid and firmly rooted in the country and its animal husbandry. In a good restaurant in Villnöss you will find the spectacle sheep in the menu. The grazer with the dark-edged eyes is known as a delicacy not only among our mountain farmers and is experiencing a culinary renaissance. The beef on your plate, however, often comes from the gray Geisler rind. It receives its special quality by the fact that the animals feed solely on the succulent grass and the spicy herbs of the pastures of Villnöss. As officially established, this can be actually eaten only by gray cows. You will taste the difference immediately.

When the snack station becomes a gourmet snack

When the snack station becomes a gourmet snack

Perhaps will you spend a holiday during one of our culinary events? About Törggelen you have certainly heard. This autumnal custom around chestnut (keschtn), bacon, sausage and wine is typical for the Eisack valley and is always a welcome occasion to indulge in the pleasures of our good cuisine in company and music. In the farm taverns, inns and almost every snack station you are richly cared during the period of the wine harvest. Also the “Villnösser lamb weeks” take place in autumn, and then in October our popular “South Tyrolean Speck festival“. Every self-respecting restaurant in Villnöss takes part in such festivities or in its own way joins the delicious hustle and bustle.

Gastronomy list

Get ready for a culinary journey through the Villnöss/Funes Valley, where you can discover a delicious blend of traditional and modern cuisine. Perhaps you’d care to acquaint yourself with the local autumn tradition of “Törggelen” — when guests stop by to sample the hearty snacks and rustic refreshments offered by informal pubs and country inns.

Description Opening time Contact Distance

St. Peter

Pitzock essen & trinken

  • This small, modern restaurant has a menu featuring carefully prepared traditional dishes as well as unique creations that will surprise you.
  • Summer and Winter
    Closed on Wednesday. Thursday open from 17 o’clock
  • 0039 0472 840127
  • Distance: 800 m

Pizzeria Bar Café Dreimädelhaus

  • Specializing in traditional dishes, delicious pizzas from a wood-stoked oven, and homemade desserts — with a magnificent view and a renovated atmosphere.
  • Mon-Tue, Thu-Sun: 8.00am – 12.00pm
    Closed on Wednesdays
  • 0039 0472 840102
  • Distance: 1 km

Jausenstation Gsoihof

  • Experience a bit of South Tyrol with traditional country-style food.
  • october, 1st – approx. april, 20th
    Wednesday and Thursday closed
  • 0039 0472 840003
  • Distance: 500 m

Kabis Hotel

  • Besides local and Italian specialties, you can also order homemade ice cream.
  • Tue-Sun: 12:00 – 21:00
    Closed on Tuesdays
  • 0039 0472 840126
  • Distance: 450 m

Viel Nois Restaurant Pizzeria

  • This restaurant situated in the village center offers a wide range of dishes. Besides delicious South Tyrolean and Italian foods, you can also order enticing pizzas and homemade ice cream.
  • kitchen: 11:45 – 14:00 and 17:30 – 21:00, Pizza: 17:00 – 23:00
    Closed on Mondays
  • 0039 0472 840526
  • Distance: 500 m

Jausenstation Moar

  • A popular destination for outings, with a large children’s playground and a petting zoo. Homemade products as well as tempting wild game and lamb dishes.
  • First April – late November
    Closed Mondays, open throughout in summer
  • 0039 0472 840318
  • Distance: 4 km

Leisure Centre Restaurant Bistro Sportbar

  • Delicious pizzas, fresh salads, and appetizers that will delight and charm you after fun at the bowling alley, the practice shooting range, tennis, or rollerblading.
  • 16:00 to 1:00, Hot meals until 23.00 o’clock
    Closed on Mondays
  • 0039 349 4624895
  • Distance: 1,5 km

St. Magdalena

Tyrol Hotel

  • A successful blend of rustic South Tyrolean farm foods and Italian cuisine. Select wines are served to accompany the appetizing dishes — all in a delightful atmosphere.
  • Summer and Winter
    Closed on Tuesdays
  • 0039 0472 840104
  • Distance: 3 km

Waldschenke restaurant

  • Delicious dishes and homemade cake. You are invited!
  • Hot meals until 20:00 o’clock
    Closed Mondays, open throughout in summer
  • 0039 333 498 4870
  • Distance: 4,5 km

Edelweiss inn

  • Healthy Tyrolean and Italian dishes to tantalize your palate. Upon request, we can also prepare dietetic meals or organic foods.
  • Summer and Winter
    Closed on Wednesdays
  • 0039 0472 840141
  • Distance: 2,8 km

Ranuimüllerhof Hotel

  • With ingredients fresh from our own garden and meats from our own farm. Every Thursday, we serve wild game and homemade desserts. Your every wish will be fulfilled.
  • Summer and Winter
    Closed on Tuesdays
  • 0039 0472 840182
  • Distance: 4 km


Bar - Pizzeria - Restaurant Stern

  • Delicious regional cuisine, tasty pizzas from a wood-stoked oven, and small snacks are served.
  • Summer and Winter
    Closed on Mondays
  • 0039 0472 844555
  • Distance: 7,5 km

Teiserhof Hotel

  • Simple traditional meals and noodle dishes, typical local foods, and homemade cake can be enjoyed in the garden.
  • Summer and Winter
    Closed on Tuesdays
  • 0039 0472 844571
  • Distance: 7,5 km

Mittermühl inn

  • Hearty regional and national cuisine prepared using foods from our own farm.
  • Summer and Winter
    Closed on mondays
  • 0039 0472 844009
  • Distance: 5 km


  • When you stop by this rustic inn during your “Törggelen” outing, you can enjoy various traditional dishes.
  • End of september – mid december, 06.01 – eastern: THU-SUN
    Monday closed
  • 0039 0472 844596
  • Distance: 7,6 km

Zans (pasture)

The many eateries located in the meadow landscape of the Villnöß/Funes Valley serve regional products and homemade treats.
Gastronomy list
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